Why Hire a Design/Build Contractor for Commercial Remodeling

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You might have heard the term design/build contractor, but have you actually given it a thought? Yes, it’s obvious that this is the type of contractor who can both design the plans according to your vision and then use them to build a real structure. But what’s in it for you? Let’s talk about why hiring this type of contractor is the best approach for your Maryland commercial construction project.

No Conflicts Between Builder and Designer

A specialist in interior design with no experience in building may propose some ideas that look good on paper, but are not practical or efficient when implemented. A professional builder will notice these design elements and point them out to you and the designer. While there won’t be arguing, you can expect some minor delays and a change of plans, so that the three of you can come to a consensus.

A Single Point of Responsibility

Hopefully, your construction project goes smoothly. But if issues arise during the construction or after the completion, who is responsible for fixing them? Sometimes, this could mean additional expenses and time that one or both of the parties will have to cover. To avoid the situation when designer and builder are shifting the blame to each other, hire a design/build contractor. He will be the sole point of responsibility and you won’t waste time or nerves seeking compensation for the mistake.

Save Money

It’s simple: hiring one person rather than two will cost you less. Don’t get us wrong, a design/build contractor will charge you more than either a designer or a builder, but it’s usually not as much as the cost of hiring both. Considering all the other added benefits of working with one company, such as smoother and less stressful project completion, it’s worth it at the end. And because a design/build contractor will make sure the design is practical and efficient, you can reap future benefits in the form of energy savings or reduced maintenance.

Get An Affordable Design

When your designer works with no regard to the cost, you may end up with a design that you can’t afford to build. Sadly, you will find this out only after you offer the completed design for the contractors to bid on. Once you see high bids rolling in, this means it’s time to go back to the drawing board, which requires more time and more money. And without understanding which aspects of the design cause the price inflation, you could be stuck at the design stage for months.

Design/build contractors are a good choice for both residential and commercial projects. They are especially handy in commercial remodeling where deadlines are typically tighter and there is less room for mistakes. As a Maryland design/build commercial contractor, Northstar can turn your vision into a beautiful reality while staying on time and within your budget.

When clients come to us with expensive designs, we are always able to find ways to save them money by making plan changes or substituting materials. Whether you are stuck with dysfunctional design plans that need work or looking to start from scratch, we’ll be happy to help. Give us a call or contact online for your free consultation.

The Northstar Difference

Since 2004, Northstar has the knowledge and experience to create a construction solution to meet your budget and requirements.  We look forward to providing your design and construction services in Maryland.

Northstar did a great job at a commercial building I own. He soundproofed a large 3 car commercial garage and took care of some draining issues, by installing a 15’ drain and diverting the water away from the building. His estimate was very fair and he completed the work on time. I would recommend him highly .
Fran A