Stay Open Or Close During My Restaurant Remodel?

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Quality customer satisfaction should be one of the goals of any successful business. You need to make customers happy and retain them through excellent service. However, it becomes increasingly challenging if you run a restaurant and need to perform extensive remodeling.

In order to decide whether to remain open or close during renovation, you’ll need to take into consideration the following points.

Quality of Service

A common mistake that businesses make during remodeling is deciding to remain open but sacrificing the quality of their service. This is a big ‘no-no’ especially in a restaurant business. If you plan on remaining open during the period, you should make sure that you don’t have to cut corners on service. This is because customers don’t really care if a restaurant is going through a remodeling or not. If you decline the quality, customers are likely to stop coming back to you, even after the refurbishment is complete.

Cost of Opening/Closing

Not only do you need to take into account your customers, but you have to consider the financial health of your business. You have to make a profit to survive. This means that even if you think you will be able to maintain the quality of your work during renovation, you still have to do a cost-benefit ratio. If maintaining quality during the renovation is turning out to be costlier, it is better to shut the service down until the remodeling is complete.

Benefits and Drawbacks

To reach a better verdict on whether to remain open or closed during renovation, here are a few pros and cons:

Remaining Open: Benefits

  • If you remain open, you will continue to have customers.
  • If you succeed in offering the same quality of service to your customers during remodeling, it will give out a positive vibe. It will show your devotion to your customers.

Remaining Open: Drawbacks

  • There is a fair chance that you will not be able to offer the same kind of quality of food and service as you normally do. This can make potential customers switch.
  • Remaining open during renovation can cost you more, lowering your profit margin.

Remaining Closed: Benefits

  • With all your focus on the remodeling project, you will be able to complete it faster and in a better manner.
  • You will not risk providing sub-par service to new or existing customers, thus retaining the good reputation of your business.

Remaining Closed: Drawbacks

  • Some regular customers may go on to try another restaurant while you remodel yours. This can lead you to lose such valuable customers.
  • Your business will not make any money during renovation.

The Verdict

Remaining open or staying closed can both be good or bad decisions. The trick is to evaluate your situation and then make the decision that suits your business the most.

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