Safety Tips for Commercial Construction Projects

Whether you’re working in a restaurant or your office is being remodeled, it’s essential to stay safe while handling a construction zone. Everyone plays a role in keeping construction areas safe, and today we’re going to be covering some of the ways that you and your staff can avoid accidents and injuries while your place of business is under construction

commercial construction safety

Pay Attention to Signage 

Construction zones commonly have signs posted that warn people of potential dangers and give proper direction for navigating the space. It’s essential to keep an eye out for these signs and follow them accordingly. Though it may be tempting to move through a hardhat-only area so that you can quickly get to your destination without interruption, the risk of falling debris is often significant. It’s far better to deal with a minor inconvenience than a major injury. 

Encourage Your Staff to Keep Safety in Mind 

If you’re the owner of the business or in a position of leadership within your company, it’s up to you to set a good example for your staff. Before construction begins, it is advisable to hold a meeting to go over the kind of work that will happen, how long it is estimated to go on, and what they can do to stay safe for the duration. Be prepared to be a resource for your staff to rely on when they have questions about how to navigate the construction areas that they may need to pass through to do their jobs. You should also work with the construction teams to ensure that everyone is on the same page.

Remain Alert and Expect the Unexpected 

While a building is under construction, you must always expect the unexpected. Even if work is not actively going on, you should always remain alert in a construction zone. Debris can fall from the ceiling, sharp objects can be left on the ground, and other accidents can occur without warning. It’s best to stay out of the construction zone as much as possible to ensure your safety. If you need to enter, just be sure to keep your eyes open and stay alert.

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