Renovation Ideas for Your Business in 2020

It’s almost 2020, which means that it’s time for a fresh start and a new set of goals for your business. Renovating your space can be exactly what your business needs to help you reach your goals. Take a look at some of the ways you can revamp your retail store just in time for the new year.

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Upgrade Lighting

Good lighting is essential to providing an attractive ambiance. If your store has appropriate lighting, customers are likely to stay longer. “Good lighting” doesn’t have to mean bright lights, it simply means having lighting that is appropriate for the space and attracts the right kind of attention. Some examples of lighting strategies are:

  • Spotlights – Use this lighting on merchandise/areas you don’t want customers to miss.
  • Backlights – Use this lighting to give merchandise a subtle “glow.”
  • High-Activity Lighting – This lighting is the one that covers your entire store with even brightness.

Another thing to note is that the temperature of the lighting matters as well. For example, warm temperature lighting creates a warm and inviting space while cool temperature lighting gives the illusion of a larger space.


Have you had the same flooring since your grand opening many years ago? You might have originally liked it, but it may be time to switch it up. A new floor can be just what your business needs to give it a more professional appearance. Carpet is becoming a very popular choice, but choose a material that works best for your store and the types of customers your store is meant to attract.

Repaint the Walls

A fresh coat of paint can make all of the difference for your business. To figure out what color to paint your walls, think about the type of atmosphere you want to create for your store. Do you want a calm, warm environment or are you looking to create more a sleek and organized store atmosphere? Regardless of the case, choose a wall color that best conveys the store environment you wish to create.

Popular Design Ideas for the New Year

Are you stuck and don’t know how to redesign your store? These are some popular design trends for 2020 to consider adding to your store:

  • Marble
  • 3D wall coverings
  • Neon
  • Metals

Ready to Renovate Your Business?

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