Things to Consider when Renovating your Restaurant

Whether you’re new to the restaurant business with a great space that needs renovation or the owner of a restaurant that needs a major overhaul, there’s a lot you need to keep in mind before any actual renovating begins. Here are some things to consider when planning your restaurant renovation that’ll help the project go as smoothly as possible!

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Your Employees

Make sure to address the needs of your servers and kitchen staff. Get a better idea of what your restaurant’s ideal layout should be by finding out: how easily your employees are able to get around, if there is any new equipment that could be installed to make their jobs easier, and if the kitchen has enough space for the chefs to move around and cook comfortably.

Customer Feedback

Check your online reviews or take some time to speak with customers personally to get an idea of what they think your restaurant is lacking from a visual and physical standpoint. Although you will be ultimately redesigning the space to your liking, it’s important to get feedback from your customers as well.

Noise Level

Depending on what type of restaurant you own, noise can be something to consider when planning a restaurant remodel. Keep server stations a good distance from the dining area to give diners a quieter and more intimate experience. For a more modern and unique feel, consider clear but thick windows in front of the kitchen to offer customers the luxury of watching the chefs cook their meal without being bombarded with kitchen noise.

Don’t Forget the Exterior!

Although your guests spend most of their time inside your restaurant, the outside is the first thing they see when they arrive! A brightly colored and attractively remodeled restaurant front will not only impress old customers, but attract new ones as well. If your restaurant doesn’t stand on its own and is a part of a larger building where you cannot renovate the exterior, decorate the inside front of the restaurant in a way that will be sure to draw guests in.

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