Renovating a Warehouse

Whether you’re purchasing a new warehouse or have taken notice that your current space is in desperate need of an upgrade, there are many important things you’ll want to consider in your renovation plan. Check out these helpful warehouse remodeling tips!

Renovating a Warehouse

Know the Purpose

Perhaps you’re bored of the same old set up after years in the same warehouse. Or maybe you’re finding that the way your warehouse is structured is inhibiting work from being completed as efficiently as it could be. Knowing exactly why you want to renovate, and what exactly you want to accomplish by renovating is essential to a fully satisfying final product.

Know the Zoning Regulations

Before you start remodeling, it’s important that you are aware of and fully understand the zoning rules and regulations regarding the building you are working on. If you completely plan your remodel and then read up on building restrictions, you might find that some of your plans have to be changed or discarded. Save time by learning about renovations you are allowed to make before you begin planning.

Consider the Specifics

What are the specific things you want changed about your space? Have you found that your loading dock set-up or size is causing pick-ups and drop-offs to take longer than they should? Does your office staff have concerns about warehouse noise that distracts them from their work? Are there are enough bathrooms for all of your employees? Do you have a separate bathroom for guests and customers? Talk to your coworkers and even frequent clients and address their concerns in addition to your own.

Don’t be Dull

It might get boring or tedious working in a warehouse all day, but it doesn’t have to stay that way. Additions like windows and skylights can bring in natural light and make your employees feel less closed-in. Renovating a lounge area to make it more spacious and inviting for you and your coworkers can help boost morale and productivity, too.

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The Northstar Difference

Since 2004, Northstar has the knowledge and experience to create a construction solution to meet your budget and requirements.  We look forward to providing your design and construction services in Maryland.

Northstar did a great job at a commercial building I own. He soundproofed a large 3 car commercial garage and took care of some draining issues, by installing a 15’ drain and diverting the water away from the building. His estimate was very fair and he completed the work on time. I would recommend him highly .
Fran A