Remodeling Your Restaurant After a Flood

Rebuilding after a flood is difficult no matter the situation, but it can be especially difficult in an industry like food service. After a flood there may be extensive damage and loss of goods that can be difficult to sort through and come back from.

However, a flood doesn’t have to mean the end of your business. Remodeling and recovery are possible. Let’s look at some of the areas that may become damaged after a flood.

Remodeling Your Restaurant After a Flood

Structural Damage

One of the biggest areas of damage in any type of flood is structural damage. After a flood it is important to have a contractor come out and survey the damage. Damage to the foundation, walls, support beams, room, etc all needs to be dealt with before anything else can be addressed.

Working with a trusted contractor can help you get your building back in shape and ensure that it is safe enough for renovation. If structural adjustments need to be made, this is a good opportunity to consider the layout of your restaurant and whether or not rebuilding it in the exact way it was is the best decision for business.

Equipment Damage

In restaurants especially, there is a good deal of equipment that can become damaged during a flood. Ovens, freezers, stoves and grills are all an essential part of running a restaurant and if they’ve been damaged in a flood, you’ll need to have them replaced or repaired as quickly as possible.

When remodeling after a flood it is a good time to consider what worked in the kitchen before the flood and what may not have worked. Rebuilding is a good time to make adjustments to improve the workflow in the restaurant.

Goods Damage

Finally, a flood can cause many restaurants to lose a significant amount of goods, including food in the kitchen, cooking equipment, or restaurant fixtures such as tables and chairs. When remodeling it is important to consider what changes you want to make, if any, to the restaurant layout prior to the flood.

Reopening after a flood can be a long and stressful process, but by taking the time to carefully plan a remodel your restaurant can come back stronger than ever. If you are trying to decide how to proceed with your restaurant after a flood call us at Northstar Commercial Construction. We offer restaurant remodeling in Maryland and we’d love to help you get back on your feet!

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