Planning Tips for a Restaurant Remodel

Running a restaurant is a difficult and challenging thing to do. There’s so much that you have to consider, and so many things on your to-do list. Just as running a restaurant is difficult, so too is remodeling one. As a company that has been performing restaurant remodels in Maryland for years, we wanted to take some time today to talk about a couple of tips that can help make your Maryland restaurant remodel a success.

restaurant remodeling design

Make a Good First Impression

The first part of your restaurant that customers experience is your exterior and your entryway. You want to make a good impression on them, so these two areas need to stand out. Adding things like signage, lighting, colors, and potted plants to the exterior of your restaurant may seem small, but they can go a long way to increasing foot traffic.

Improving your entryway and waiting room may not help bring more customers in, but it definitely will help keep the ones that do come in. You want to make your customers feel welcomed, so doing things like having comfortable seating and playing soft music can really improve your customer experience. Having a host/hostess at the entryway is another great way to build a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Add a Bar

If your restaurant doesn’t already have a bar, then you’re missing out on an entirely untapped market. Firstly, some patrons will come to your restaurant solely for the bar, so you should see an immediate uptick in customers. Another added benefit of having a bar is that it gives customers something to do while they wait for a table. Many patrons would love to sit down and have a drink while they wait, and having a bar provides them an opportunity to do so.

Dining Room Considerations

You need your dining room to accommodate both waitstaff and diners, and the last thing you want is for your servers to be bumping into tables and patrons. Having an open floor plan can give your staff enough space to maneuver, and is a great way to fit in as many tables as you can. You may also want to consider sectioning off several tables as private tables for customers or dinner events that want a little more intimacy.

Work With a Professional Maryland Construction Company

Here at Northstar Commercial Construction, we’ve been providing our construction services to Maryland for years and we’ve enjoyed every moment of it. If you have any questions about remodeling your Maryland restaurant, or any questions at all, give us a call. Our team of Maryland construction professionals is standing by ready to help you in any way possible.

The Northstar Difference

Since 2004, Northstar has the knowledge and experience to create a construction solution to meet your budget and requirements.  We look forward to providing your design and construction services in Maryland.

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