How Windows in the Office Boost Performance

One of the disadvantages of working in an office building is you spend most of your time during the week indoors. This may be more advantageous in the winter when it’s cold outside, but it still isn’t ideal being stuffed in an office with artificial light and few windows.

Northstar Commercial Construction - How Windows in the Office Boost Performance

It’s easy to feel cut off from the outside world while you’re at work, which doesn’t help your overall mood, productivity, or health in the workplace.

Studies have shown light plays a huge part in the synchronization of the brain and the body. Specifically, natural light does a lot for the body and mind leading to more productivity and a better attitude towards work and life as a whole.

Benefits of Natural Light:

  • The Swiss Federal Institute of Technology conducted research on this subject. It found those who worked in offices with more windows (and thus more exposure to natural light) recorded much higher levels of energy than those working in a space with only artificial light.
  • Computer screens and fluorescent lighting can cause painful eye strain that can eventually lead to vision damage. Natural light helps the eyes produce dopamine, which lowers the amount of straining and decreases the risk of nearsightedness.
  • Based on research on Seasonal Affective Disorder, a type of depression affecting people in winter when they are exposed to less sunlight than usual, scientists found natural sunlight helps. This is because sunlight acts as a mood enhancer and promotes happiness and positive feelings. A positive emotional workplace environment helps employees to get along and work more productively and efficiently.
  • Light is a primary influence on our Circadian rhythms. Since Circadian rhythm disruption can cause sleep disorders, we can conclude that natural light exposure can benefit the quality of our sleep. Thus better preparing us for the workday ahead.

Adding windows to your office or commercial space is a great way to boost morale and promote productivity in the workplace. By working with an experienced office design/build contractor on your next office remodel, you can rest assured your office will be built with an optimal amount of natural life.

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