Office Remodeling Ideas for Happier Employees

There are many reasons why you may choose to remodel your office space. Maybe your business achieved a milestone, you’re thinking about re-branding, or you simply want to freshen up your space.

No matter your reason, it’s important to take a moment and consider how the remodel will affect your employees. After all, a happy employees means better business overall. So here are some office remodeling ideas to make happier employees.

Office Remodeling Ideas for Happier Employees

Light is Essential to Employee Happiness

Natural sunlight is not just good for plants, it’s also important for people. Though florescent lighting may illuminate your space well enough for your employees to work effectively, it’s not great for the moods of people who sit under it all day long.

Try to incorporate windows into your remodeling plan so natural light can bathe your office in warmth. To avoid glare, you can add tinting, films, or glazes to the windows. You can also use shades in the event the sun starts getting too aggressive.

If you’re not sure where to place your windows and skylights, consider communal areas like an atrium or open offices. Even if your individual offices don’t all have windows, having a communal space with natural light can give your employees the chance to enjoy a little sunlight as they heat up their lunch or swap notes at the water cooler.

Give Your Employees a Pop of Color

Colors often inform the way we feel and different colors have different effects. As you think about your new office, consider which colors you may incorporate. Though your logo and company colors will certainly play a part, here are some effects a few popular colors can have on people.

  • Red – Often used to stimulate appetite and inspire excitement.
  • Orange – This is used for creating a sense of enthusiasm. It’s bright and attracts attention to itself.
  • Yellow – Warmth and energy radiate from this color. For some, it may inspire nervousness.
  • Blue – A calm color which helps promote peace and relaxation.

Rather than making all of your walls white, a little variation in the color scheme of your office will make it more appealing to employees and clients alike.

Take Your Office Culture into Account

Before you make any sweeping decisions about your office space, you should make sure you’re making informed decisions. For example, an open office may be a good idea for sales staff who could benefit from sharing ideas, but a group of coders or writers may not benefit from this as much, as their work is more solitary.

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