How to Approach a Remodel of Your Retail Store


Every commercial space has its challenges and limitations when it comes to setting up your store the way you like it. Between the inconvenient staircases, odd windows and poorly laid-out bathrooms, there is always some undesirable feature to work around. As Maryland retail remodeling contractors, we’ve helped dozens of clients overcome these challenges and build a functional and attractive retail space. We’d like to share a few tips to get you ready for your own retail remodeling project.

When Should You Remodel?

Needless to say, if you are moving your location or starting a new business, you will need to remodel your new retail space. Even if you are leasing a space that was already built out for another tenant, you will probably have to gut and replace everything to make it fit your unique needs and goals. Each business is different, so what worked for someone else is very unlikely to work for you, even if you are in the same industry.

But what about remodeling your current retail space? Is it necessary? How often should you do it? Cosmetic remodeling, such as a fresh coat of paint or new doors in the dressing rooms may be necessary every few years as things age and break. But you should also consider a major remodel and change of the floor plan every 5-7 years. The reason is that the longer you have the same layout, the more boring your space gets and the less creative your team becomes. You fall into a routine, which eventually makes it difficult to make improvements to your work flow and try new things.

If you think your retail space could use a do-over, here are a few things to consider before you start this process.

Determine the Scope

The scope of your remodeling project will depend on your goals, as well as the condition of your current space. Is it going to be a floor-to-ceiling build-out of a bare-bones commercial space? Or is it just a cosmetic touch-up and a change of layout? It’s important to know the scope in order to adequately estimate the timeline and set a realistic budget. This can be a good time to call up several Maryland retail remodeling contractors and request a few estimates. You will then be able to see what sort of renovation your budget allows and which areas you should focus on.

Think of the Foot Traffic

When people come to your store, you probably want them to end up at the register. But before they get there, they need to be able to find what they were looking for, whether they came in with an intention or just browsing. A good retail space accounts for foot traffic patterns and aims to provide the best shopping experience for customers. If you don’t have a good understanding of the customer flow, you should hire an experienced design/build contractor to help you ensure your store is not only attractive, but also makes sense in terms of layout.

Design With Your Customer in Mind

In addition to the traffic flow, there are many other factors you should take into account depending on who your customers are. For example, if you sell children’s clothes, make the isles wide enough for the stroller. If your product is geared toward the elderly or disabled, make sure everything in your store is handicap-accessible and easy to reach. A few other things to think about:

  • If your store is in a mall or a shopping center, make it easy for the people walking by to scan what’s inside.
  • Choose lighting to set the mood, as well as draw the eye to the merchandise.
  • Pick a color scheme consistent with your branding and the type of goods you sell.

Hire the Right Contractor

You want to hire a contractor who specializes in commercial remodeling. Make sure he or she has enough resources in terms of manpower and equipment to remodel your space in the established time frame. Every day the project is late, you are losing an opportunity to make money, so pick your Maryland commercial remodeling contractor wisely. Don’t hesitate to ask for references or examples of completed projects, so that you can judge the quality of work.

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The Northstar Difference

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