Get More Customers with a Retail Store Remodel

Whether you’ve struggled with getting customers into your retail store or you simply want to increase the number of people who visit, a remodel can be the answer. Even though shopping online has grown in popularity, especially recently during the global health crisis, in-person shopping will never truly go out of style.

retail store remodel

Consumers enjoy being able to see, touch, and try on many of the things they are interested in purchasing before they invest. This means that your retail store remodel should be inviting and make customers want to keep coming back. Take a look at some things to consider for your retail store remodel.

Pay Special Attention to Your Entrance

Your store’s entrance is the first thing that customers look at when passing your store. It’s also the first thing customers use to form opinions about your store. When remodeling your store, make sure that your entrance has the appropriate lighting, fixtures, and color schemes to draw customers’ attention.

Determine the Best Floor Plan

The type of retail store you own and the specific action you desire from your customers should determine the floor plan that is utilized. If you want customers to follow a certain path, utilize a grid floor plan. If you want customers to freely browse and be drawn to certain displays, a free-flowing floor plan works best. If you want to expose customers to more merchandise, a loop floor plan is optimal. Lastly, if you’re a specialty retail business with curated selections, an angular floor plan might be best.

Lead to the Right

It’s said that 90% of U.S. customers subconsciously turn right when they first enter a store. Since this is the case, your “power wall”, or a wall that contains a large display of appealing merchandise, should be built on the right-hand side of your shop. The merchandise that is displayed on this wall should be chosen carefully, as these items can help draw customers further into your store.

Add or Remove Walls

If you’re looking to reduce visual barriers and implement an open floor plan, eliminating walls is the way to go. An open floor plan has been growing in popularity, and it can help customers find things that they are looking for easily. On the other hand, if you want to build small areas to display certain products, adding walls can help you do so.

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