The Future of Energy Efficiency in Green Buildings

Energy efficiency. It’s not just a fad or a trend; but instead this term is here to stay. As consumers and businesses become more environmentally-friendly, the demand for building materials and features which are also energy efficient will continue to grow. Here’s a look at the future of energy efficiency in green buildings.

The future of energy efficiency in green buildings

Solar Powered Roof

The sun beats down on your roof nearly all day on a sunny day. For this reason, solar panels have become quite common-place. As they become more and more widely used, they will become more affordable as well. Along these same lines, solar roofing tiles are being developed which can simply be installed in place of your normal roofing shingles; but with the added benefit of lowering your energy bill.

On-site Energy Storage

Let’s say a business owner decides to opt for solar power for a warehouse, what happens on a rainy day? Some businesses are starting to install on-site energy storage batteries to harness any excess solar power generated. Then, when a rainy day (or week) comes along, the business can pull from the energy storage banks to supplement what is not being generated by their renewable energy sources.

Living Roof

Another ingenious way to improve energy efficiency in a green building, and something which we expect to see more of in the future, is a living roof. As more and more green spaces are removed to make way for buildings, the average temperature in these areas will rise. This is simply due to the fact that building materials don’t do as good of a job at cooling the area off as vegetation. For this reason, expect to see businesses installing living roof systems which have actual live plants growing and shading the roof.

Solar Siding

As we start to see more and more improvements in solar roofing, we also expect these green building technologies to spill down the sides of buildings as well. As solar technology improves, and the cost of creating solar panels continues to decrease, we can expect to start seeing solar technology on siding, windows, doors, you name it!

Improved Building Materials

A final way we foresee the future of energy efficiency in green buildings will be a little less climactic. The more exciting aspects of energy efficiency are what we can see; but what about the materials behind the scenes? Walls, foundation, and insulation all play a huge part in the energy efficiency of a building. The future of energy efficiency will see gradual improvements in the quality of building materials and the overall efficiency they bring.

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