Efficiency in the Office

If you own or manage an office setting, you probably know how important efficiency can be. Similarly, workplace design efficiency is just as important. Proper office design allows employees to work smarter and not harder, which subsequently leads to less stress and better overall worker output. Here are some of the many aspects to consider with your next office design.

Efficiency in the Office

Open Office vs. Closed Office Space

We’re not here to debate if an open office design is better for the workplace or not, because the truth is there is no one correct answer. People are different. Which means employees have different needs with regards to noise levels. Introverts prefer to be left alone and work better in a quiet environment whereas extroverts will perform better in an open office setting.

The solution? If you truly want to create an efficient workplace for all types of people, you should create a mix of both open office and closed spaces. In other words, if your next office remodel design is taking advantage of an open-office space, include break-out rooms. This will grant the ability for someone who needs peace and quiet to retreat behind closed doors to complete their project.

Access to Nature

This can be a bit difficult for offices located in a city-center; but you can still make an effort. Even simple additions to an office such as a plant on each desk or a few small trees in the lobby can reap major benefits for workers. In fact, according to Business Insider, nature can reduce stress in people and improve overall concentration at work.

Keep nature in in mind with your next office remodel. In fact, be sure you discuss these things with your Maryland office remodeling company. Ensure you have enough windows looking outside, or even consider a small outdoor lounge space where your employees can decompress at lunchtime.

Appropriate Work Flow

In any business setting, correct and proper work flow is important. Consider the spaces where employees are most likely to frequent; you don’t want these spaces the furthest away from desk or work spaces. It seems insignificant, but if it takes an extra minute for each employee to walk to the bathroom across the period of a day, and you have 10 employees, this equates to over 2,600 minutes a year—or 5 days of lost productivity.

Considerations such as these are why it’s important to consult with an experienced office design/build contractor for your next office remodeling project. Not only will they have the industry experience to know what areas are frequented more often, they will be have the ability to help you design an ideal work-space layout that maximizes work flow.

For help with designing your next office layout, partner with a Maryland commercial design/build service such as Northstar Commercial Construction, LLC. Northstar Commercial Construction, LLC. is your one-stop solution for all your office remodeling needs as we not only design, but also build out your office remodeling project. For more information on our office remodeling design/build services, give Northstar a call at 410-977-3510 or fill out the form on our website today!

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