Design Ideas for a Medical Entrance

In an ideal world, we would never have to worry about being in a medical office. But that’s not often the case, and we find ourselves in a medical office at least once a year. Some people claim to hate the medical facilities, from the dentist’s office to a hospital, and don’t like going to them. A majority of the time, the issue these people who hate medical facilities have, is with the atmosphere. It’s very important for a medical facility to have a welcoming and friendly atmosphere, especially when you first walk in. You want your patients to feel calm, cool, and relaxed. Today, we’re going to look at different design ideas to make your medical entrance more welcoming.

A medical entrance

Create a Calm Atmosphere

When people enter a medical office or facility, they’re often scared. They’re coming to face their medical issues that are troubling them, and they don’t need more stress on top of that. Creating a calm atmosphere by combining the right colors and lighting is a great way to help patients feel better. Choose colors that are relaxing, like blue and violet, and set the lighting to a softer glow so that patients aren’t blasted with cruel fluorescent overhead lights.

A calm atmosphere is more than just the perfect combination of lights and color, it’s also the flow of the room in to the offices beyond the entrance. Softer edges on the corners of walls, desks, and chairs can make the patient feel more at ease than they would if there was sharper edges. Little things like this can make the world of difference to a patient that’s already nervous about their diagnosis.

Be Inviting

Because people are already scared of medical facilities, you don’t want your entrance to be intimidating. Create an inviting atmosphere by using soft light, and softer colors. Have pictures that remind people of home or happiness, so that they can be reminded of positive things while waiting for something they’re thinking negatively about.

A big part of being inviting is the actual structure of the building. Larger archways are more inviting than a simple square glass door, and simple square glass doors are more inviting than an opaque square door. A reception desk that doesn’t have a glass window between you and the receptionists is more inviting than separating the patients from the receptionists. To get the kind of inviting feel you want, you may need to remodel the whole thing. Don’t worry, Northstar is Maryland’s go-to commercial remodeling company, and we can help you create an inviting medical entrance.

Make it Clean

Cleanliness in a medical facility is crucial to helping your patients feel better about being in a medical facility. If a medical facility is not clean, then patients won’t want to be in it because they don’t trust it. The cleaner a medical facility looks, the more patients and visitors will trust it and want to be there to face their medical issues.

Having a clean entryway means more than just wiping off the surfaces every night. It means that the design flows well with the rest of the facility, and matches the atmosphere set by the facility. The way you set up your entrance effects a patient’s experience. If the chairs are uncomfortable, the patient will be uncomfortable. If the receptionist desk is closed off, the patient will feel closed off. To have a clean transition from the entryway to the rest of the facility, you need to understand the flow of your establishment. This will help you better adjust your entrance to match what you want your patients to feel. If everything flows nicely together, the patients will feel it, and it will positively affect their feelings about being in your space.

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