A Commercial Bathroom Remodel can Save Money

Besides offices and meeting rooms, the bathrooms in your commercial space are one of the most frequently used areas of your building. What condition is your office bathroom in? Is it in desperate need of a remodel or upgrade? Let’s explore how remodeling the bathroom in your commercial space can benefit you and your employees!

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How Can a Bathroom Remodel Save Me Money?

Remodeling your office bathroom doesn’t have to break the bank. Investing in expensive and unnecessary features can keep you from staying in your budget, so think small! This works especially well if your bathroom layout is already ideal. This allows you to make small upgrades that will still be able to transform and enhance the space.

Providing a pleasant work environment has been proven to increase worker happiness and in turn, employee productivity. The more productive your employees are, the more profit your company will make. The main areas of your office might provide comfort and calmness with their layout and décor, but don’t forget about improving your office bathrooms as well!

Whether your commercial bathroom is being used by employees or customers, it’s beneficial to you to ensure that the space is comfortable, clean, and able to suit the needs of all who use it!

Add-Ons & Upgrades:

  • Better Lighting – No one likes a dark, dingy bathroom! Install recessed lighting in comforting tones and provide a relaxing environment while saving on space.
  • Hands-Free Fixtures – Hands-free appliances help reduce the spread of germs.
  • Towel Dispensers & Hand Dryers – Don’t leave paper towels sitting on the counter! Install a paper towel dispenser or hand dryer, which also come in hands-free versions.

Tips for Your Remodel:

  • Paint & Décor – Your bathroom walls shouldn’t be ignored – switch to a brighter paint color or add some wall hangings for a more stimulating vibe.
  • Simplicity – Don’t go overboard! Think small and remember that the simpler the remodel, the more you will save.
  • Maneuverability – If you aren’t happy with the use of space in your office bathroom, consider changing the layout in your remodel. It’s important to make sure your employees and customers have enough space to move around the room comfortably.

Northstar Commercial Construction is a Maryland commercial design/build firm servicing Baltimore and its surrounding cities. We have the resources and experience necessary to assist you with all your remodeling needs. For a free estimate on your new commercial bathroom remodel, or to inquire about our other remodeling services, contact us today!

The Northstar Difference

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Northstar did a great job at a commercial building I own. He soundproofed a large 3 car commercial garage and took care of some draining issues, by installing a 15’ drain and diverting the water away from the building. His estimate was very fair and he completed the work on time. I would recommend him highly .
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