5 Office Remodeling Ideas

If you’re considering an office remodel, be sure to consider how you can also improve workplace happiness with your design. By building or remodeling your office around workplace happiness, you’ll be sure to improve overall productivity in the workplace. Here are 5 office remodeling ideas which are sure to help.

5 Office Remodeling Ideas

Include an Office Kitchenette

An office kitchenette typically includes a fridge, some storage shelves, a sink, and a microwave (or two). We recommend having the kitchenette installed alongside, or within, the office cafeteria or common area where people are allowed to eat. It avoids tracking food through the office which can lead to spills.

Game Room

We understand space can be an issue and every square foot counts. That said, a simple area for people to unwind during their lunch break will really help improve workplace moral and efficiency. As opposed to having people spend their lunch time buried in their phones, let them have some fun and build stronger bonds with co-workers by adding a game room with a ping-pong or Foosball table.

Extra Bathrooms

If you have a larger office, bathrooms will be an issue. The need for a second bathroom isn’t ever really noticed until you have one or two toilets breakdown and everyone in the office has to share a single one. An extra bathroom is helpful to not only increase worker comfort, but to reduce lines at the bathroom and therefore get people back to work faster.

Informal Lounge Area

One of the most common office remodeling ideas is to add an informal lounge area in the office. We’d like to offer some added suggestions to really make this space more successful at improving workplace happiness. In addition to some nice comfy seating, install a bookshelf with industry-specific reading material, a large flat-screen TV, a checkers/chess table with chairs, and/or a water fountain.

Private Meeting Rooms

Most offices already have some sort of a conference room where you can entertain clients or other important visitors. In addition to this main conference room, install a smaller, less formal meeting room. This will allow people the space to have a quick meeting without interrupting those co-workers around them with their conversation. It also gives people a place to go if they need to make a private phone call.

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