5 Common Convenience Store Remodel Mistakes

Convenience stores are everywhere. Why? Because they’re meant to be convenient!

Consumers have many different choices when planning a visit to this kind of store, so what will it take to make yours stand out from the competition?

Take note of these common remodeling mistakes so you can avoid them during your renovation.

Common Convenience Store Remodel Mistakes

5 Common Remodeling Mistakes

Mistake #1 – Forgetting to Budget for the Unexpected

Your lease for your commercial space likely names you as the party responsible for unforeseen conditions. A renovation can uncover problems with the space’s architecture, plumbing, or flooring that can end up being your responsibility to deal with.

It’s smart to set aside at least 5% of your budget to cover unforeseen and unexpected issues.

Mistake #2 – Ignoring Quality for a Cheaper Remodel

Don’t get too caught up in finding flooring and products for your remodel that are the cheapest on the market. You want your store to stand out from others, and there are plenty of decent quality, modern selections available to you for your renovation.

Choose designs, products, and color schemes that will last and not look dated in a few years.

Mistake #3 – Not Using a Professional Commercial Remodeling Company

Trying to take on a commercial remodel on your own can be risky and can take up a lot more of your time and money than you originally expected. Using an experienced convenience store remodeling contractor for your renovation will ensure your job is done right the first time.

Mistake #4 – Skipping a Walkthrough Upon Completion

Make a list of everything you originally wanted from your remodel, and do a walkthrough with your renovation company before the job is complete. Be sure to alert them of any issues you notice or concerns that arise so that they can be addressed before they leave the job.

Mistake #5 – Not Being Informed on your Contractor’s Warranty

Make sure you fully understand the remodeling company’s warranty on their work. Choose a company that offers to remedy any malfunctions that occur within the first few years. A good renovation company will stand behind guarantee their work with a decent warranty.

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