4 Features Your Retail Store Will Need to Be Successful in 2021

Although a majority of retail sales occur online, physical retail stores are not obsolete. Retail is constantly changing, and that means it’s up to business owners to adapt their retail stores to fit the changing needs of customers. One thing that customers are looking for is a branded shopping experience that they can’t find online. Here are four features to include with your retail store remodel that will help you deliver a unique customer experience this 2021. 

A Power Wall

Did you know that 90% of people are right-handed? That means customers will likely turn that way and browse your store counter-clockwise. When customers turn to the right, they should be greeted by a “power wall”. Your power wall should display things such as:

  • New items
  • Seasonal items
  • High-demand products 
  • Your brand’s history

Use this area to draw customers further into your store, and as a result, you can expect higher sales in 2021. 

Upgraded Lighting 

Lighting is essential for creating the mood inside your store. When was the last time you evaluated your store’s lighting? It may be time to upgrade it. Fluorescent lights have been the classic choice for retail stores, but they can be unflattering and create an uninviting environment. If your store has fluorescent lights, it may be worth considering switching to LED lighting. These lights will make customers feel more comfortable and also reduce your electric bill. 

Revamped Flooring

Are your floors showing their age? Dingy carpets and uneven vinyl flooring can significantly impact your customer’s shopping experience. This year, revamp your retail store’s flooring by installing new and improved flooring. Wood vinyl plank flooring has become a popular option for retail stores. New floors are one subtle way to attract customers and improve the customer’s shopping experience.

A Re-Imagined Floor Plan

Once you research and understand how customers flow about your store, you can start influencing how they interact with your merchandise. Choose a floor plan that will strategically emphasize your desired purchasing behavior. Some of the flooring options available include: 

  • Forced-path
  • Grid store
  • Loop store
  • Straight Store

You can even find ways to incorporate digital technology into your floor plan to encourage certain purchasing behavior. 

Ready to Upgrade Your Retail Store?

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