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Northstar Commercial Construction is Maryland’s premier design and build company, providing full-service, end-to-end solutions for your commercial construction requirements.


We provide single source responsibility for your entire project by providing the design, permitting, and construction all performed by the Northstar team. By integrating our construction and design experience, we avoid costly design and codes issues, while ensuring the project is to be constructed with in the prescribed budget. This approach has proven to save our clients both time and money on their commercial construction projects.

We only do commercial projects, and specifically, we do not do residential projects. Although both types of projects are construction-related, there is little similarity between commercial and residential projects.

By concentrating on commercial design and build projects in Maryland, we have command of the ever-changing codes, regulations, products, and market trends that influence today’s commercial construction. In addition, we have a hands-on approach to each project to ensure that the personnel who designs it is involved throughout the process and is onsite during construction. This ensures that the quality and integrity of the project are maintained from design to completion.

Our Projects

Northstar has the experience to provide you with a product that reflects your company’s image while minimizing the impact on your operations and bottom line. Your project is our priority.

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Whether you run a fast-food franchise or a family-owned diner, Northstar can make sure your restaurant is designed and built up to code and up to your customers’ expectations.

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We utilize state of the art technologies and materials to maximize every possible square inch of your facility to create a functional space to showcase your product line.

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Initial build outs, renovations, or simply a face lift for employee areas such as break rooms or restrooms. We can provide a comfortable space for you and your employees.

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From repairs, renovations, or construction of a new facility, Northstar has the experience to design and implement the project while keeping your product flowing.

Contact us to Discuss your Project

If you are considering a commercial renovation or the construction of a new facility, call Northstar Commercial Construction. We do not charge for our initial consultations, as we understand that your money and time are valuable and that you need to receive value for the expenditure of both.


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